Employees who make telephone calls for your company are the ones who are responsible for the often quoted "first impression".

They are therefore the business card of your company. 

Often, however, an automatism sets in, which leads to the fact that conversations no longer run ideally. 

We sensitize your employees and provide them with the know-how and spirit to conduct telephone calls in an optimal way.

We train your sales department in-house for efficient telephone acquisition or your customer service or your head office.

This can be done in a team training or as side-by-side coaching.

Customers and their requirements change not only in terms of products, but also in terms of communication.

Monotony or conversations according to guidelines are perceived negatively.

Individual conversations, on the other hand, increase turnover and often promote the satisfaction of your employees. 

Let us talk about the advantages of coaching in Germany and work out a concept with a plan of action.




Many companies deal with the idea of setting up or optimizing their own internal workstations for telemarketing. Be it for the processing of the inbound or also to act in the outbound. Based on our many years of experience with the most diverse software and hardware solutions that the market has to offer, we are your best choice when it comes to consulting and selection in the acquisition and implementation of the solutions that suit you and your ideas.

It is particularly important that your communication channels and the equipment used are adapted to your customers and the needs of your employees in order to achieve satisfaction on both sides. Especially with employees, it is often the case that they haven not the appropriate equipment. We would be pleased to take a look at the current situation and, if necessary, make suggestions for setup and optimization.

It is a matter of course for us that we will then also arrange for you to find the providers that suit you. We support you in price negotiations and also in organizing training for the new tools.



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