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Our company has a wide range of different customers. 

We are very proud to work successfully with national and international companies beyond the borders of Germany. 

References are important for us. Because very often we are recommended by customers
to others. 

We do not mention any names here, because our customers understand and appreciate us as

a discreet partner in customer acquisition. However, on request we will be happy to put
potential new customers in contact with our existing customers for information on our t
elephone and customer acquisition methods. 

The following is an exemplary extract of the industries in which our customers are active.


Leads for a market leading engineering group.

Leads and phone appointments for financial service providers & for a global debt collection company.

Appointments for a company's sales team in the electrical engineering segment.

Lead generation for a market leader in the field of medical diagnostic equipment.


Leads and telephone appointments for regionally operating advertising agencies.


Generation of participants for an innovation leader in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases.


Outbound others.

Address updates and entry updates for advertising agencies.


Communication training, e.g. for the in-house center of a software service provider.

Insofar as the portfolio of our potential new customers is in direct spatial competition with that of our existing customers, we feel an obligation towards our existing customers.



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Excellent Telephone Akquisition in B2B markets is our Daily Business.

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